Matt M., 34

I quit smoking 2 years ago and had put on 40 pounds. Then I injured my shoulder and had frozen shoulder which left me with a lot of lost mobility and extreme pain. It was difficult to do everyday tasks without being in pain, like putting on a shirt and washing my hair in the shower. At work simple things like kneeling down and getting back up, climbing a ladder, and turning a screwdriver were tough, and then coming home and feeling extremely tired and being in a lot of discomfort. It was getting real hard to live like that, always in pain.

Working with Briana doing yoga a few times a week, I felt an immediate change. I have since lost that 40 pounds and gained back the mobility in my shoulders and strengthened the muscles to be able to live without pain. I’m able to do everyday tasks and so much more at work without pain or feeling fatigued and I now come home after work to feel more energetic, living a pain free life. She motivates and instills the confidence that pushes you that little bit harder so you will reach your goals and learn to love yourself a little more. Briana has taught me and shown me the benefits of a healthier and more active lifestyle with diet and yoga.

Thank you.