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Biofield Frequency Healing

What is a biofield session?

It’s an opportunity to tune inwards in meditation and affect a myriad of homeodynamic regulatory systems through our bodies and beings – thus enhancing our overall health and well-being.

Common experiences after a set of sessions include…

  • better, deeper, and more restful sleep
  • deep realizations that help unlock areas in our lives and/or internal world that give us tension or resistance
  • the sudden disappearance of troublesome symptoms or sensations in the being, be it on the physical layer, the mental layer, or the emotional layer
  • vivid dreams, more colour in dreams, remembering dreams; for those who did not have those experiences previously
  • an overall state of feeling good

These sessions last 20 minutes with a short discussion period before and after.

A replay is provided for every session so you can continue working with the modality in-between private live sessions..

Let’s connect!

* All payments are processed through PayPal and are subject to a 24 hour cancellation policy. *

You will be directed to an online calendar to select your preferred date and time after full payment has been made.
Should you have trouble finding a day or time that works well for you, please email me at
or reach out via your preferred method to discuss.

$55 CAD for a single session.

$183 CAD for a package of 4 sessions.

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