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The Digital Download is now ready!


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Journal & Planner for the month of February 2019 below…


(** This download is meant to be printed out and written on by hand – choose “fit to page” for best printing results! **)

More about the Planner/Journal…

This project is heavily inspired by Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map Planner, which has helped me shift habits and build more aligned routines in a huge way throughout 2018.

It has been seamlessly woven together with my own ideas and needs for a daily planner & journal that allows me to keep on-task with my extremely flexible work-from-home daily schedules, while also keeping self-awareness and self-reflection right in front of my eyes each day.

The layout and features have been very purposefully and mindfully laid out in this planner/journal.  Here is a breakdown of my intentions behind the design and some ideas for utilizing them well:

  1. Flow with the Moon Phases

If you’re like me and enjoy flowing with the cycles of the moon, this year’s new moons, full moons, and quarters will be highlighted on the monthly calendars and on the daily pages. Use this to plan for rituals, routines, and/or events that coincide with cosmic energies.

  1. Inspirational Quotes

Great quotes have kept me inspired, on-track, and in a positive mindset for many years and I’ve amassed a large collection that I share with you all – discover a new quote each day. Take a moment to hang out with it. Maybe jot down a note about how it makes you feel…

  1. Daily Reading

Whether it’s reminding you to take the time for a quick card pull, or to spend at least a few minutes reading from a book, you can jot down notes, important points, and/or ideas here, and watch your knowledge and understanding expand over time.

  1. Daily Inspired Action

Committing to at least one inspired action every day will keep you motivated, energized, and always moving forward. Choose something that makes you feel alive and excited!

  1. Top 3 Things

Keep the important daily tasks visible and easy to check off your list – because, life.

  1. Notes

You can write in a schedule here, jot down notes from the day, use it as a space for a short journal entry… or use it for whatever feels right and serves you best!

  1. Affirmation or Mantra

I’m a big fan of working with vibrations,… in this case, of vocally speaking your truth and your desires! I’ve left space for you to step into your own truth to write in & repeat your own affirmation or preferred mantra.

  1. Change It Up

One of the things that helped me most from using Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map Planner was the elements that encouraged you to reflect on what you wanted to change and what you wanted to stop doing. Continuing to write out the same things day after day after day truly inspired me to take inspired action to finally change these things I kept writing down every day. I know that much of that success is because these sections forced me to reflect on this every day, and physically write out my desires, which has subconscious effects that really boost your ability to transform your habits and what your consciousness naturally pays attention to.

This was the most important element for me to keep – so take some time to really reflect every day… not only on what you want to change, but why it should change.

  1. Plan for Tomorrow

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that if you’re not spending at least a little bit of time thinking ahead, it’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day shuffle and miss out on things you intended to do.

This was something I noticed was missing each day in the planner I was using, so I started adding it in and saw amazing results. What I thought about in advance started becoming what I’d think about first thing the next morning, and thinking about it so early in the day gave me a chance to decide how to best work it in to my day.

I also decided to focus on feelings, not tasks, because it is feelings that truly motivate us to do anything in life. When I started focusing on the feelings rather than the tasks, I noticed that as I understood more how I wanted to feel and what would help me achieve that, it became quite natural and instinctive to begin taking the actions that would get me there.

So, before you go to bed at night, make sure you spend a moment thinking about how you want to feel tomorrow and what you want to make of your day.  Maybe set an intention for how you want to wake up.  Set an alarm or leave a post-it note on your pillow to remind you to take this time for yourself before settling in to sleep for the night.

– – – – – – – – – – –

I cannot wait to hear your feedback after using this planner throughout January of 2019! I truly hope it brings you greater clarity, deeper self-understanding, and a wild and passionate energy that moves you forward towards manifesting your deepest desires and creating a life that makes you overflow with joy, laughter, and abundance in all forms.

With Love,

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