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“Wheresoever you go,
go with all your heart.”
~ Confucius

It really does not matter which path you choose, only that you choose it for the right reasons and enjoy the journey.

What does it mean to “go with all your heart”?

It means being present.  Being connected.  Being in a state of peace, contentment, joy, and gratefulness.

Too often we go blindly through life, not ever fully aware of what is going on or what is happening, or even how we truly feel about it all.

Going with our hearts means keeping connected – keeping aware.

We have the choice to live our lives with purposeful passion, or we can also choose to live our lives with passive ignorance.

Where ever you go, and what ever you do – do it with the joyous feeling of being fully alive inside!

Daily practice note:

My wise qigong sifu starts every practice off with “smiling from the heart” – it creates an internal state of lightness, of openness, and of gratefulness.  I try to bring it into my daily life – especially times I’m not feeling that purposely joyous inside for whatever reason.  I can hear his voice whisper in my head, “smile from the heart”, and it is a tool I can use to immediately trigger me back to being present in the moment, with peace, love, and gratitude flowing through my being. <3

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