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“Happiness is when what you think,
what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

It can be hard to align our thoughts, words, and actions – especially if we are not aware of what we really desire our thoughts, words, and actions to be.

That’s why its important to start with quiet self-reflection.

Quiet the mind and take time to reflect

Meditation and/or journalling are wonderful tools to use for self-reflection.  Aim to do some form of self-reflection every day – even something as simple as taking one minute to breathe and reflect on how your breath feels in your body at that moment.  You can increase the effectiveness by using that breathing reflection before and after a breathing and/or meditation session to really see the results in how your body and breath relax.

Reflect to discover your Truth

I like to start by finding a comfortable spot and position to sit or lay in, and start by straightening out and relaxing my body, closing my eyes, and bringing my focus to my breath as I tune myself inwards.

From there, I focus on deep breathing for a few minutes until my mind, my body, and my thoughts have found stillness.

Then, I like to “throw” my question or area of reflection into the vast darkness of my inner world, and wait to see what I see, feel, or hear.

If I don’t have a particular question or area to focus on, I like to enjoy the still darkness within, and take note of what thoughts, feelings, images, or sounds come up in that quiet time.

Honour your truth by thinking, speaking, and acting in ways that align with your Inner Truth

Once we get clarity on what feels right in our Inner Being, we can start to become aware of how our thoughts, words, and actions complement those Truths.

Once we become aware, we can begin to make different choices that will begin to change how our minds and bodies habitually act or react in any given situation.

Sometimes thoughts come into our head that are not in alignment with how we want to feel and that’s okay – acknowledge the thought, let go of it, and move your focus onto a thought of your choosing that is in alignment with how you want to feel.

We can start to consider words before they come out of our mouths – and perhaps pause long enough to consider choosing different words that feel better with our Inner Selves.

And we can start shifting our actions, very purposely choosing actions that bring us closer to how we want to feel, and letting go of the compulsion to do things that we know and realize do not serve us.

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