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“May we all grow in grace and peace,
and not neglect the silence that is printed
in the center of our being.
It will not fail us.”
~ Thomas Merton

Whenever I feel out of sorts, lost or confused, or maybe just out of alignment – maybe some anxiety has trickled in, or the ups and downs of life are getting more under my skin than is normal.  In these moments, I always realize that I am not connected to my inner being at that moment.

The dis-connection results in the dis-ease.

Through meditation and mindful living, I have discovered a limitless peace, love, and wisdom within.  It is a black, limitless void where I can experience an infinite silence that fills my being with so much beautiful, vibrant energy.

I love this quote for how it celebrates the silence within – the foundation of infinite peace, love, and wisdom that exists within each and every one of us, and never fails us when we are true seekers willing to listen, and willing to let go of that which does not serve us.

Sometimes, when you’re still getting used to bringing mindfulness and awareness into your daily life, it helps to have things that help trigger you back to a place of peace and alignment. (See my short blurb about a saying my sifu has that roots me back to peace and stillness at the bottom of this page.)  

It can be an object (a childhood teddy bear), a sensation (a hug from a loved one or a warm bath), a smell (essential oils, hot cocoa, or homemade soup), or maybe a sound (music always does it for me) – we make many connections between how we feel and the objects around us, so we can use these positive connections to help us through tougher times.

The silence within has become a private refuge – somewhere I can go whenever I need to refresh myself or how I am feeling…. and even somewhere I can go to seek guidance and wisdom when my emotions are getting in the way of me seeing the right path.

Discover how the silence at the center of your inner being can be a place of comfort and peace for you.  Having it with us always, it is always there – it will not fail us.

And it has never failed me.

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