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“Nature does not hurry.
yet everything is accomplished.”
~ Taoist proverb

Everything in its own time.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and when it is meant to in life. I’ve experienced it both first-hand and second-hand far too many times to deny the clear correlations between cause and effect; between actions taken and lessons that need learning; and between all of the other dualities* that make up the phenomenal realm we experience as our daily reality and life.

As humans we are always worrying about things that happened in the past or things that may or may not happen in the future.  Most people try desperately to control outside circumstances and even other people before they even attempt to control their own thoughts, emotions, and reactions to those circumstances or people.

Yet – whether we accept the fact or not – we are seldom able to control the circumstances of life.  We cannot control if or when a loved one dies.  We cannot control if or when somebody falls in love with us, or falls out of love with us.  We cannot control economical market changes, or losing a job when the company we work for goes under.

Much of our suffering is rooted in trying to control things that are not within our realm of control – trying to push things or rush things so that they fall in line with how we expect certain paths to unfold.  Often it is when we are trying to rush ourselves, outside circumstances, or other people that accidents happen or mistakes are made.

By taking a step back from our worries and our rushing, we create space for life to unfold naturally without our negative worry/rush-energy impeding or blocking the good things that are on their way.

By relaxing and trusting, we stay in alignment with our intuition and find stability in the confidence that we are making the right choice.

Love & light,


*Yin/Yang theory is most commonly applied to Traditional Chinese Medicine; but its wisdom reaches far wider than just health topics, and can serve as a foundation for mindful living in all aspects of life.  For more reading on Yin/Yang theory, see:

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