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 Balance & Alignment, Inside & Out

 These are words I live my life by now – a mantra that I try to weave into every thought, every action, and every day.

Many years ago, I was sick, I was tired, I was depressed, and I had no sense of self.

I struggled for over a decade with debilitating chronic pain and degenerative illness, and a myriad of random but serious illnesses and injuries.

I was a victim, and I had no idea how to get myself from where I was to where I wanted to be.  I was lost.

I hit rock bottom in 2013 amidst the peak of my battles with chronic pain and illness, living in an unhealthy and poisonous environment, and watching as my life continued to spiral out of control and down the drain.  I came close to losing my closest friends, had to put off all my studies, and was on the brink of financial ruin.  Hard times.

Thankfully, the naturally-stubborn fighter in me realized that I had two options:
1) take control, face my demons, and finally make things right, or
2) give up, give in, and lose everything that mattered to me

I give thanks every day for the natural inclination in me to refuse to give up.  I had to figure my shit out.
Giving up was not an option.

So, I changed things for myself literally overnight – ending a destructive relationship, setting boundaries that honoured myself for the first time in my life, and making a commitment to live in alignment with my True Self.

I travelled.  I studied.  I loved.  I lost.  I laughed.  I lived.

And most importantly – I healed.

Learning to relax was my biggest struggle AND my biggest victory in my journey to healing. 
It continues to be an important area of work in my life and with my students and clients.

Everything I create and share with you all is a product of and a celebration of my continued journey and continual growth and transformation.

It has become my passion to share these amazing relaxation techniques, perspectives, and disciplines in the hope that so many more can benefit, grow, and transform their lives just like I have.

With love and light,

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