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Mind-blowing flavour
Plant-based power

Discover how to cook with intention and intuition,
bringing balance to your meals, your body, and your life.

When we eat mindfully, we live more in alignment with our spirit and consciousness, as well as with Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants.

My approach to food is influenced by my studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yogic and Ayurvedic healing, and traditional macrobiotic theory – coupled with many years of personal experience following a plant-based diet for both health reasons and the desire to live
more in alignment with my true self.

My unique palette and intuition in the kitchen have led me to discover a deep passion for creating delicious, healthy food
for family and friends, old and new.

Let me help you discover the joy and ease of cooking and eating mindfully, as well as the power our diets have in transforming our bodies, our minds, and even our souls.

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