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Yoga &


Explore one-on-one yoga classes and a growing library of online videos.



Work with me one-on-one to learn how to deeply relax throughout all layers of your being to enhance healing and bring about a deep sense of peace.


Cooking Classes

Learn how to make the most delicious plant-based recipes with tips on doing it all gluten-free.

Hey, I’m Briana!

I’ve been practicing yoga and qigong since 2011, and teaching and coaching since 2013.

After discovering yoga and qigong to be powerful forces of healing my chronic pain and endometriosis, it became a deep passion to share what I learn with others so they, too, can experience the same healing, joy, and complete sense of peace I’ve cultivated in my own life.

I’m also a seasoned chef who’s obsessed with creating delicious and decadent plant-based meals using whole food and inner intuition. Join me in the kitchen in an upcoming Radiant Eats cooking class!

I continue to travel, study, and deepen my skills and understanding in several areas of personal and professional interest:

  • human health & anatomy
  • theraputic approaches to yoga and movement
  • mental health & spiritual growth
  • quantum physics & energetic resonance
  • neuroplasticity, NLP, and other areas of neuroscience
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