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Brown rice can be a tricky thing to work with – it’s a bit tougher to cook it so it’s light, fluffy, and delicious than it is a lighter rice like basmati or jasmine.

Brown rice also has a wild array of health benefits, and is a great whole-grain healing food – especially once you learn how to prepare and cook it properly!

Download my FREE guide to making the perfect pot of brown rice every single time below, and change the way you feel about cooking and eating brown rice forever!

Chef’s tips: 

  1. Use a sturdy stainless-steel pot with a heavy and fitted lid for cooking your rice.
  2. Once you’ve put the lid on the pot, don’t lift it again until the rice has finished cooking and sittingor you will let out all of the steam, heat, and pressure, and change the end result of your rice.
  3. Try to use a glass lid if possible, so you can watch the level of water as the grain cooks.
  4. If you see many holes throughout your rice with steam funnels escaping out, you know you’ve made a great pot of rice – this is a sign that the pressure and heat inside of the pot was optimal for grain cooking.
  5. I let my pot of rice sit and steam for a lot longer than 10 minutes – a half hour or more can be optimal for beautifully fluffy rice.
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